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A highly esteemed figure in the business realm, Darrell Howell is a beacon of advocacy for employees, customers, and communities. His impressive career spans multiple industries, including insurance, banking, the restaurant sector, and philanthropy. His multifaceted expertise carves a path for aspiring leaders and balances this with a rich family life.

Born in Waynesboro, Tennessee, his early years blended outdoor adventures in the Tennessee mountains and diverse school activities encompassing sports and the arts. With a keen focus on academics yet uncertain of his future path, he immersed himself in various pursuits, ultimately discovering a passion for making a positive impact through business.

Post-high school, he pursued higher education at the University of North Alabama, concentrating on accounting and management. Graduating in 1989 with a BS in these fields, he cherishes his academic achievements and meeting his future spouse during this period. Their union in June 1990 blessed them with two wonderful children.

His initial foray into the professional world began as a Controller at a Waynesboro bank, where he diligently managed financial operations. His dedication led to numerous promotions, eventually propelling him to the role of CFO for the Canadian division of a major insurance company by 1999.

However, Darrell Howell yearned for further growth and knowledge, prompting a return to academia. He earned his MBA from Middle Tennessee State University in 2000, with a focus on accounting. Rejoining the insurance sector, he spearheaded remarkable growth, yet his aspirations extended beyond corporate achievements.

Seeking a closer connection to his roots and community, he turned to the family-owned Pizza Hut, a local fixture since 1978. Diving into the restaurant industry, he expanded the family’s Pizza Hut presence across multiple states. By 2015, he became a prominent regional franchisor, eventually transitioning back to corporate roles after selling the franchises.

His journey in expanding the Pizza Hut franchises underscored the unique challenges of the restaurant business compared to corporate affairs. His involvement was driven by a familial legacy and a commitment to community service, and he was grateful for the local support.

Despite his career focus, he maintains a robust work-life balance, cherishing moments with his family and engaging in sports, a lifelong passion. He values physical health, enjoys golfing, and supports Tennessee volunteer sports teams. Traveling with his family offers him diverse perspectives on life.

His community involvement is deep-rooted. He serves as treasurer for Donelson First Baptist Church, emphasizing the role of faith in his life. He also participates in Gobble Gobble Give every Thanksgiving, ensuring community members celebrate the holiday. Instilling the value of community service in his children, Darrell Howell remains an active and cherished member of his local community.

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